The Resistance

Eugenio Gentili Tedeschi After the armistice he took refuge with his parents at La Salle, in the Aosta Valley. Arrested and imprisoned in Aosta from 13 June to 17 July 1944, he was unexpectedly released partly due to help from Carla Consonni. After his release he joined the partisans, as a member the Arturo Verraz band in the Cogne valley.

Bianca Guidetti Serra Through Franco Momigliano she met Vittorio Foa and his wife Lisetta. She was amongst those who in Turin organised the “Groups for women’s defence and assistance to freedom fighters”. Bianca worked actively with Ada Gobetti and also remained a source of help for Jewish friends who had gone underground.

Franco Momigliano After the armistice he took an active part in the Resistance as political advisor on behalf of the Action Party. He managed to escape the roundups in the Germanasca valley and was then sent to Milan, but was arrested there. While in prison he was recognised as a Jew and a partisan and tortured. He succeeded in escaping thanks to a daring scheme orchestrated by Vittorio Foa and his wife Lisetta Giua.

Silvio Ortona During the war, he took part in the Resistance in the area of Biella, where he was one of the founding members of the second Garibaldi Brigade and became commander with the code name “Lungo” (Lanky).

Emanuele Artom Despite his delicate build, he decided that it was impossible not to act and worked as political advisor at Barge. While underground, he wrote his Partisan Diary. Captured during the roundups in the Germanasca valley in March 1944, he was brutally tortured.


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