1938: group photo

The exhibition centres on the story of a group of young, totally “normal” people whose fate it was, as Silvio Ortona said, to live at an extraordinary time and who had to make dramatic choices, some of them even facing the tragedy of deportation. The stories of each of them intermingle with broader history and are part of the somewhat complex events underlying historiographical problems of great importance such as the relations between the Resistance, Fascism and the Jewish world. The aim of the exhibition is to tell the story of a group of friends and the time they lived: it is a story of love and friendship within a group of young people. Most of them were Jewish and had to come to terms with rejection by and exclusion from civil society; they therefore turned to each other, moving away from the Fascist regime which had forced them to recognise themselves as Jews. They were all intellectuals, students who had just graduated from university and keen on mountain sports, a fact which was to play a not unimportant role in their lives. Their names were Alberto Salmoni, Bianca Guidetti Serra, Silvio Ortona, Emanuele Artom, Luciana Nissim, Vanda Maestro, Eugenio Gentili Tedeschi, Giorgio Segre, Franco Momigliano, Giorgio Diena, Primo Levi, Ada Della Torre, Franco Sacerdoti.


Multimedia interactive exhibition
Turin • 27 January | 20 March 2010
Fossoli • 25 April | 11 July 2010
5-20 September 2010
Roma • 12 October | 27 November 2010