Alessandra Chiappano book, edited by Giuntina


Italian President Giorgio Napolitano greets Alessandra Chiappano, during the presentation ceremony of the exhibition at the Quirinale, 20 January 2010

Luciana Nissim Momigliano:
una vita

The life’s story of Luciana Nissim Momigliano, through the twentieth century and the experience of persecution and deportation to Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp.

"Is really beautiful this book, dedicated to Luciana Nissim Momigliano, for the writing so humanly involving, even if aware of the knowledge’s limits in our profession, but also for the overall picture of the character that is able to offer: its relations and the society in which the character lived. In a genre very little developed by our historiography as the biographical, the work of Alessandra Chiappano stands as a model to follow"

Giovanni Miccoli


Multimedia interactive exhibition
Turin • 27 January | 20 March 2010
Fossoli • 25 April | 11 July 2010
5-20 September 2010
Roma • 12 October | 27 Novembre 2010