dida dida

Emanuele Artom

Ada Della Torre

dida dida

Lino Jona

Gentili Tedeschi

dida dida

Guidetti Serra

Primo Levi

dida dida

Vanda Maestro


dida dida

Luciana Nissim

Silvio Ortona

The biographies

From the end of 1942, part of the group moved to Milan and continued to meet: Ada Della Torre, Silvio Ortona, Eugenio Gentili Tedeschi, Primo Levi and Vanda Maestro, joined by Carla Consonni who after the war would marry Vanda’s brother, Aldo. They spent their evenings talking, joking and, of course, making fun of the Fascist regime. At weekends, almost all of them went back to Turin and kept in touch with their other friends: with Luciana and Giorgio Segre, who were completing university, with Anna Maria Levi and Franco Momigliano. They were frequently in contact with Bianca Guidetti Serra and Alberto Salmoni, with Giorgio Diena and Silvia Pons. After the armistice on 8 September, the distaste that had built up over the previous years turned into open rebellion: the whole group of friends took to the mountains that they loved so much, and which for some of them became a refuge, for others a deadly trap. Fate separated the friends who, decimated and after undergoing tremendous trials, met up again after the end of the war, all of them determined to bear witness with words and civil commitment to “what humans had been capable of doing to humans”.


Multimedia interactive exhibition
Turin • 27 January | 20 March 2010
Fossoli • 25 April | 11 July 2010
5-20 September 2010
Roma • 12 October | 27 November 2010