The library and the mountains

The race laws had a strong psychological impact on Italian Jews, forcing them to take stock of their identity as Jews. This caused a group of Jewish friends in Turin to meet regularly at the library belonging the Jewish school, located near the Synagogue in Via Sant’Anselmo which was totally destroyed by the bombing in 1942. It was here that they built up friendships that were to become very important and to last a long time.
The mountains were their refuge, a place where they could escape, fleeing from a society that had in fact ostracized them. From 1942 some members of the group moved to Milan and continued to meet at the home of Ada della Torre: her flat was to become the gathering place for these natives of Turin who had fled to Milan to seek work, sometimes under a false identity. Ada’s flat was metaphorically similar to the Library and was their last refuge before the momentous events that forced each of the young men and women in the group to decide which side they were on.

The friends and the mountains (click on the picture to enlarge it)

Primo Levi durante una scalata Eugenio Gentili Tedeschi Silvio Ortona al Monte Disgrazia Bianca Guidetti Serra Alberto Salmoni Luciana Nissim Eugenio Gentili Tedeschi e Franco Momigliano


Multimedia interactive exhibition
Turin • 27 January | 20 March 2010
Fossoli • 25 April | 11 July 2010
5-20 September 2010
Roma • 12 October | 27 Novembre 2010