The other members of the group were scattered amongst various partisan brigades: Silvio Ortona was in the Biella area, Bianca Guidetti Serra acted as courier and remained until the end of the year the source of help for her scattered Jewish friends, Eugenio Gentili Tedeschi was in the Aosta Valley. Franco Momigliano and Emanuele Artom were in Val Pellice. Despite his shyness and his frailty, Emanuele came to know the hard life as a partisan in the mountains. In 1944 during a roundup in Val Germanasca Emanuele was captured and would later die as a result of the torture he was subjected to. His body has never been found. Franco managed to flee, and was sent to Milan, where he stayed with Carla Consonni. Recognised in the street as a partisan, he was jailed in the San Vittore prison, where he was identified as a Jew and a militant of the Action Party. When he already feared for his life, a daring escape from the prison was arranged: the breakout was orchestrated by Vittorio Foa and his wife Lisetta. Franco then returned to Turin and was able to take part in the liberation of the city. At the end of these long journeys and terrible trials, the group in the photo was reassembled: some of the group were missing, others had undergone deeply traumatic experiences, all of them had been marked by these years that had been so painful for them. They continued to be friends.


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